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Labor Warranty (3 or 5 years)

American LED Technology provides a Labor Warranty for replacement of covered parts on LED signs sold to our Dealers/Customers. The warranty period begins on the date of shipment of the sign, but isnot active until 61 days after satisfactory installation as defined on the installation manual. This warranty may be activated by receipt of photographic evidence to American LED Technology (email to sales@americanledtechnology.com) of proper installation (per the American LED Technology Installation Manual and adherence to the NEC - National Electric Code), confirmation that the sign is working, and documented ability to transfer play lists wirelessly from the laptop computer to the sign, if wireless connectivity has been purchased. The labor warranty period may be extended to 5 years by paying an additional premium at the original purchase date as determined by American LED Technology. If purchased, this extended warranty will be clearly listed on the original invoice. Many issues may be resolved remotely, without the requirement for onsite service, and thus our Tech Support Team must be the first point of contact through our main office number. If issues cannot be resolved remotely, our Tech Support Team will advise of the next step(s) to be taken and will possibly include referral to a servicing company for further action. On-site parts replacement is covered however on site diagnostic costs are not covered as problems may arise from unrelated issues such as networking conflicts, insufficient voltage or amperage to the sign, improper grounding, etc., which can affect the operation of the sign but are not caused by any fault of the sign.

Pre-approval required. Pre-approval must be obtained from American LED Technology for any and all service work. Onsite service work will usually, but not always, be performed by the original installer of the sign. American LED Technology will have the final say in who will perform such after sale service work. Payment for covered on site warranty service will come from American LED Technology and/or an authorized third-party service warranty company. Reasonable time and cost limits may apply to replacement of parts. Please confirm with American LED Technology before work begins. We reserve the right to deny claims for work performed without prior authorization.

What is covered under this labor warranty: labor cost associated with replacement of defective/malfunctioning parts. What is NOT covered by this labor warranty: Diagnostics trips, troubleshooting, networking not related to the sign itself. This warranty may not be used to cover labor costs associated with the originalinstallation/hookup of the sign or peripherals (antennae, sensors, computers, etc) that should have been installed on the original installation date.

Parts Warranty (5 Years)

American LED Technology provides a standard 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects or workmanship on in-cabinet parts with the purchase of an LED display. Additional components such as computer, router, antennae, etc., will not carry an American LED Technology warranty but may be covered by their own manufacturer’s warranty.
The warranty period for the sign begins on the date of shipment of the sign and is activated upon receipt of photographic evidence of proper installation, per the American LED Technology Installation Manual and adherence to the NEC (National Electric Code).

Warranty parts must be returned to American LED Technology.

Unreturned parts will be considered as having not been under warranty and will be invoiced to customer.

Failure to return parts may also result in a suspension of the warranty.

What is covered under this parts warranty: Original factory installed parts against defect or workmanship.

What is NOT covered by this labor warranty: Aftermarket parts, modifications to the original sign, peripherals which may be covered by their respective manufacturers (antennae, sensors, computers, etc).

American LED Technology must determine what parts need to be replaced. In-warranty replacement parts must be requested by the American LED Technology support department BEFORE replacing the original parts.

American LED Technology reserves the right to amend, alter modify, and/or delete any provisions, coverages, benefits at any time without notice.