Built with Pride!

All Aluminum Cabinets

Why do we use aluminum? Aluminum resists the elements of nature and doesn’t rust, it is also 30% lighter then steel. American LED Technology’s all aluminum cabinets feature a sealed design with no doors or hinges to leak or fail. All of our connection points are waterproof and rated IP65 or higher. Cabinets are finished in our rugged Duramax® all-weather coating, it’s an industrial strength coating that is flame resistant, waterproof, and it will never chip or scratch. We’ve designed our own custom high-strength extrusion which houses our LED displays. This custom design is very strong and makes production easy, fast and accurate.


American LED Technology utilizes state of the art LED modules to build a reliable display that will operate brightly for many years. Our modules have average LED life of 100,000 hours or greater. Module brightness levels can reach up to 12,000 units. All LED modules conform to NRTL standards.

Modules are 1.05’ H x 1.05’ W making display sizes available in multiples of 1.05’ in height and width with no costly dead space. LED modules are available in 8mm SMD and standard 3 LED pixel resolutions of 10mm, 13.33mm, 16mm and 20mm. Virtual resolutions of 16mm and 20mm which utilize a 4 LED pixel configuration are also available. All of the LED modules have a front release mechanism for quick and easy servicing with a common 3mm hex head tool. American LED Technology uses LED modules coated with a thick layer of silicone gel which protects components and circuit board connections from corrosion and mold caused by moisture, thus improving reliability and extending the life.

Power Supplies

Only the most rugged and capable power supply can withstand extreme temperatures, variations in relative humidity and spikes in the incoming electrical system. American LED Technology uses a highly reliable, state-of-the-art power supply capable of continuous operation for very long periods of time. The power supplies used in our displays have a universal AC input and auto voltage adjusting circuitry, allowing proper operation over a wide range of input voltages anywhere from 88 – 264 VAC and an input frequency range 47 – 63 Hz. The supplies in a LED display are working 100% of the time, even if the screen is idle. These components must have the ability to operate under extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

Varied environmental conditions are no problem for our power supplies which can operate in temperature ranges of -20 C to +65C (-4F to + 149F) and relative humidity conditions of 20% to 90% RH. Speed controlled DC fans provide forced air cooling to the circuitry. Conformal coated circuit card assemblies protect the circuitry from moisture, the cause of corrosion and mold. Overload, over temperature, and over voltage protection work together to make the MTBF, mean time between failures, 207,000 hours minimum as measured by MIL-HDBK-217F (25 degrees C).

Surge Protection

Power surges are extremely brief over-voltage spikes on an AC power waveform. These surges can damage LED PCBs, receiving cards and other components in your LED display.
At American LED Technology we want our customers to enjoy their LED displays for years to come, not have it damaged by a summer thunderstorm. That’s why we’re the only manufacturer to include surge protectors built in! You’ll have peace of mind knowing our surge protectors are top quality. We take pride in the signs we build!

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