why you need LED displays

The LED market is thriving with activity and excitement as more businesses and organizations switch to LED displays. In this day and era of strong visual impressions the LED display shines through standard methods of marketing and produces results. Why are so many businesses and organizations switching to LED displays, and more importantly, why should you make the switch? Read below to discover why LEDs are taking over traditional sign marketing:

What Is An LED Display?

LED Displays are called many things: LED Signs, Electronic Display Signs, LED/Electronic Message Centers, Digital Displays/Signs, Reader Boards, and/or Marquees. Essentially, LED Displays are electronic screens composed of many tiny LEDs that work just like pixels (much like your computer monitor) to all-together create an image, text, or video.

Why Choose An LED Display?

While there are many reasons why LED displays are sweeping America in an advertising revolution, American LED Technology has boiled the fundamentals down into 4 easy points:

You own the content
You control the message at the lowest cost per exposure
Your message reaches 100% of the traffic passing by
See immediate results that translate into benefits: sales, action, behavior, and enthusiasm.

Why Choose American LED Technology?

When you choose an American LED Technology display, you are choosing a high quality American made product that is built to last. We stand behind our displays with a 5 year parts warranty and unlimited lifetime us-based technical support. All our displays are full color and capable of displaying videos and animations as well as still images and text for maximum message flexibility. Our displays have no border, allowing more display area for the money than other manufacturers. We are also the only LED display manufacturer in the US to offer a Rewards Program. You get all of this and more at a price that’s right when you choose American LED Technology.

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