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We believe in manufacturing and providing high quality LED displays that allow your customers to take advantage of the LED revolution of the sign industry. Since 2007, American LED Technology has become an alternative to overpriced LED solutions due to our small scale and efficient approach to growth. This gives us the flexibility to work with you when faced with those difficult-to-quote custom projects. Our displays are constructed of all aluminum cabinets, coated in Duramax™ exterior liner, quick-release corrosion resistant modules and conformal coated power supplies. All our products are MET lab certified to UL-48, UL-8750 and CSA 22.2 standards with nothing but premium components inside. We build them with pride!

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American LED Technology modules are manufactured using premium components. All modules have average LED life of 100,000 hours or greater. Module brightness levels can reach up to 12,000 nits. All LED modules conform to NRTL standards. Modules are 1.05' H x 1.05' W making display sizes available in multiples of 1.05' in height and width with no costly dead space. All LED modules have a front release mechanism for quick and easy servicing with a common 3mm hex head tool. American LED Technology uses LED modules coated with a thick layer of silicone gel which protects components and circuit board connections from corrosion and mold caused by moisture thus improving reliability and extending the life.

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