Chameleon Led

We have a new addition to our American LED Technology family!


The Chameleon LED!

The Chameleon display is our newest addition! It is a new full-color LED video display that is designed especially for stage rental, exhibition rental and fixed installation applications. It’s ultra thin, ultra light and is quickly and easily assembled. It also has excellent color consistency!

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Some benefits include:

1. Snap fixing: The control box fixed with buckle with wireless design. This LED display is convenient for installation and maintenance;

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2. Curve installation available: It can curve inward at 30 degrees, and outward at 30 degrees. This allows so many possibilities for creative displays.

3. Dislocation joining together: With how these are designed, you can create all sorts of shapes that will be useful for whatever application! Whatever you imagine, these modules can do it!

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4. Mixed installation: The two cabinets are 500 mm x 500 mm and 500 mm x 1000 mm. They can be installed together to make an infinite number of possibilities!

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5. Front and rear maintenance: These modules can be removed from the front and the back side, for fast and easy maintenance or repair. In the event of a damaged module, fixing and replacing only takes minutes!

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The possibilities are endless!

Able to be customized to any size or shape, this LED video display will be able to be customized to your needs! It’s perfect for any sort stage rental, exhibition rental and fixed installation applications.